Why you should try street food

Many people fear street food, but let me give you some reasons why you shouldn’t…

In many Asian countries you will find vendors trying to sell food on the streets. Not trying this out, would mean missing part of the local culture. And by saying that, we already have the main reason of why you should give it a try.

IMG_6819Those food stands are always full of locals, often even queuing up to get the food. When you see that, you can be sure it will be delicious πŸ™‚ Sometimes you might be wondering what you are eating and for sure your cook didn’t put any effort into the presentation of your food, but it will be worthwhile!

Will you get sick? Well, let’s just say you can also get sick after eating in a fancy restaurant… As long as your food is cooked hot enough, you can be sure it’s ok. Of course there still is a certain risk, but it is definitely worth that small risk!
The only thing I try to avoid is fried things, since there is often still so much (old) oil on it, that my stomach simply doesn’t like it. But since I actually love fried stuff, I mostly just ask to dry it a bit better before serving and problem solved. So yes, in some cases there might be the chance that you will get diarrhea, but food poisoning should definitely not be one of your fears!

These street vendors live from what they sell, so the majority really wants to serve good food that they are proud of being able to cook. You can even find street vendors that under different circumstances would have been cooking in high-end expensive restaurants! Of course there are also vendors that sell crap, but when you find a good one and have an amazing dish for no money, you will have such a happy and satisfying feeling πŸ™‚

What should you expect to pay? Well that differs from what you’re eating (just a snack or a full meal) and where you will be eating it (which country, what neighborhood). But you will pay less than what you would pay going to a restaurant for sure! Afraid they will rip you off? Then only go to the ones that have the price indicated, shout the price or where you have seen others buying it before you. Always try to give the exact amount of money or small notes and if you like bargaining, then (in some countries) you will be able to enjoy this sport also for buying street food.

So, by trying street food you will experience the local food culture to the maximum and you will have a full and happy belly for very little money!
My advice to you is to fully immerse yourself into the local culture and just give it a try!



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  1. Ohyes πŸ˜€ you always HAVE to try local food – I already think about us trying to catch a moray eel πŸ˜€ maybe that story will be also worth sharing…leaving out certain parts?!….I already wonder how it would taste πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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