The solar backpack

When I was travelling through China, I met a very nice girl who wanted to start exploring the world, by exploring her own country (good start, I would say 🙂 ).
That girl had a great backpack and she didn’t even realize that. She borrowed her boyfriend’s backpack, that had (without her knowing – isn’t it just some decoration?) a solar panel on top of it.

From that day on, I have wanted one like that!
I love to be in the nature, I love to backpack and I love to be out of cell phone reach.
However, I also really love my phone (and camera), so this would be a great solution for my ongoing “I am out of battery” problem.
Of course you can also take an extra battery with you, but why do that if you can just use solar energy instead?

I have found this great website that even specializes in a solution for my battery vs travel problem: BirkSun, based on the principle “create your own power anytime, anywhere”.

The Boost backpack, available in different bright colours, will definitely end up on my wishlist!! 🙂

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