The island of waterfalls and rainbows…

Iceland is a magnificent country that is on many people’s travel wishlist, as it was also on mine.
Still, except for “ice” I didn’t really know what to expect… And I can say that I was very pleasantly surprised 🙂IMG_7622

There are hundreds of places worth visiting in Iceland and I even though I haven’t even seen half of it, I already fell in love with this amazingly beautiful island.

What triggered me most when visiting Iceland was the simplicity and the beauty of nature.
I had already seen a couple of waterfalls in my life, but the ones I saw in Iceland instantly made the others look like nothing at all.
And the most stunning thing of all, were the amount of rainbows that you can see around these waterfalls.
For those who do not know, I am in love with rainbows! Whenever I see one, I get an instant happy feeling for the rest of the day. So you can imagine how happy I was in Iceland! 😉

You can easily divide Iceland into the North and the South, so if you have the intention of visiting both parts of the island, you better rent a car and book a hotel/appartment in different places on the island. Since we had an appartment near Reykjavik, we were limited to visiting the South of the island, but there were still more than enough things to see and to do 😉

When you are driving around you will already see many waterfalls or at least a sign to a “foss”. It is always worth following these signs, since they guide you to the most amazing waterfalls!


is the most popular and a very powerful waterfall. If you are in the South of the island, you will definitely drive the Golden Circle (a route where you can see the most well-known sights of Iceland). When following the Golden Circle, you will also pass Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. As you can guess, the Golden Circle is named after this waterfall…

IMG_7199gulfoss, iceland







Iceland’s highest waterfall is named Glymur and is 198 meters high. If you are in Reykjavik, it is about an hour drive to the west before reaching Hvalfjörður fjord/whale-fjord. Be carefull not to go through the tunnel, but to turn right before entering the tunnel. The tunnel is way faster, but you will miss the waterfall… If you follow the road around the fjord, you will find an arrow to the Glymur waterfall and if you look up, you will already see a part of this waterfall from the road. However, to completely see the waterfall, you will need to hike for about 2 hours. Worthwile!

foss, iceland





My favourite waterfall is however Seljalandsfoss. Why? Because you can go behind the waterfall and experience something truly unique!
If you follow the ring road from the South to the North, you will pass the waterfall on your left side.
Be carefull though when trying to make nice pictures under the waterfall, because it is very slippery there (I speak out of experience 😉 ).

foss, icelandfoss, iceland








foss, iceland

When you visit Seljalandsfoss, then do not forget to walk a bit further and also check out the Gljúfrabúi waterfall. Here you will have to go through the little river and under the rocks, before you will reach an amazing view from beneath the waterfall. Antoher choice is to climb up the rock and admire the waterfall from the top.

foss, iceland








Antoher famous waterfall on the ring road is Skógafoss. Here we saw the most breathtaking rainbows! 🙂foss, rainbow, iceland
You can walk very close to the watefall at the bottom or walk up the stairs to experience the water falling down from the top. As from the top-point, you can also start the Fimmvörðuháls hike. This is a longer but beatiful hike where you will follow a river and where you will see even more waterfalls in different settings. They are not all that big as the previous mentioned waterfalls, but it is definitely worth hiking!









There are easily more than 50 waterfalls (not counting the small ones)  in Iceland, so if you would like to see a full list of waterfalls, I can advise you to visit this website.foss, iceland, rainbow

When going to Iceland to discover the beauty of waterfalls and rainbows, be sure you take a rain jacket with you. Not only for the rain that can come at any moment, but also for the very powerfull waterfalls. Unless you only want to admire them from a distance of course… 😉




Seeing all these photos, makes me want to go back immediately. What about you, already feeling like adding Iceland to your travel-wishlist as well?? 😉




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  2. I definitely want to see tons of rainbows so I can have a constant feeling of happiness for the rest of my life!!!! Amazing pictures, Hanne! :* thank you for sharing it this way!!!

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