Take me to Ibiza! :)

Tomorrowland in Belgium? Okay 3 days full of madness with the probalility that it is going to rain.

You want around 20 degrees, sun, see and a beach…with the electronic vibes of world djs?
There is just one place, a paradise called IBIZA 🙂
The touristic season is from end of april till half october.. but the clubbingseason starts end of May/June and ends in September/first weekend of October.Opening and closing are the best period to go to Ibiza if you are a LOVER of dance, techno, clubbing,..as it has the craziest parties.
You can say here are 2 periods in this clubbingseason: opening/closing ↔ July/August.
There is a little difference in both periods: older people prefer to go for the beginng/closing of the season for a weekend so that they can escape from the teenager that are staying for a week in July and August.
The dates of beginning and opening is every year different.
But the kick off for the clubbing s3_3_home03_1eason is definitely IMS, in Ibiza town (based in Hardrock Hotel Ibiza). After this “djing conference”, one by one the famous clubs open their doors 🙂
If you can not choose if it has to be July of August we recommend you July/September since the Spanish people have holidays in August, so it is more crowded and that means the prices of drinks are extremely expensive. Try to plan the clubs and make your reservation online or if you’re there with a touroperator ask them for the best prices ;). Upon arrival at the airport y
ou can find leaflets, maps and partyplanners.
Before you fly to Ibiza, check the clubs by their website. Everybody will find a location to spend the night out:)
Actually you have 4 centra: Sant Antonio, Ibiza town, Playa del Bossa and Santa Eulalia.
For example: Sant Antonio is known for the younger people, best places to go are “Eden” and “Es Paradis”. Pacha in Ibiza town is very popular in July/August.

Ibiza is also known as a destination for young families, please check your accomadation as also the facilities to be sure that during day time you hear loung clubbing music in stead of miniclub animation 😉
Just for your info: You must be 18 years old to enter the clubs in Ibiza.

One more thing: don’t forget to discover the island as it has such beautiful nature, beaches,cities18814_10153289275141740_507471674013198543_n..IBIZA





  1. hello I love the header of your blog, it is a personal creation?

  2. As we already mentioned to Hanne, that we were in Ibiza this June, I thought I might as well add another small but magical place on Ibiza for your readers to explore 😉 and to report about our trip there 😀

    We spent 4 AMAZING days on Ibiza in June 2016. we arrived pretty late at night around 11 pm at the airport. We became a great tip from a spanisch friend, who used to spend a lot of time on Ibiza. She told us to go to the beach BENIRRAS in the north.

    We also got the tip, that hitchhiking is quite easy on the island, so we took our chances and hitched 4 cars and got to the north (approx. 40 km) landing directly on the beach we were searching for in one and a half hours! At night, that’s a record, and it proved that the tip was relyable. we ended up travelling around the island only by hitchhiking, and we met a lot of interesting people from all over the world, who live on Ibiza. They showed us the most amazing and hidden places, that you can really only visit with a backpack 😀

    The beach of Benirras is a really small bay, where you can see the most amazing sunset behind “Can Bernat” – a beautiful rock which emerges from the sea as a finger 🙂

    We arrived Sunday at night, the perfect time, because every Sunday all the hippies gather and play drums, make music and talk about the wonders of the world! We ended up singing and talking until sunrise and then found a nice, cuddly and shady place to sleep for a couple of hours, just te be woken up by the sun to jump into the water 😀 so delightful!!!!

    Here, I also got stung by a jellyfish…ugh…but that had to happen to me as well at least once in my life 🙂 tip, use lemon juice if you have it at hand, that lingers the burning…after 2-3 hours, the burning feeling is gone and you might stick with a small scar to remember that mean old jellyfish 🙂 it felt like the sting of nettles…so no problems at all. Was just a short shock…

    On day two we went for the east side of the island, it was full moon and we spent the night between 2 amazing beaches – platjas (means beach in ibizenco) blancas and platja es figueral. Here we enjoyed the full moon until late at night and we couldn’t miss the sunrise 🙂 then you can see Mallorca as the sun shines from behind it 😉

    Day 3. and 4. were meant to party in the south!!! We went to see carl cox play at Space – AMAZING dancing experience until 6 am in the morning, we spent the day on Bossa beach 🙂 and then went to the Paradise Opening at DC10. Also an unbelievable dub experience!

    So…our conclusion from this trip: amazing people, breathtaking island and great parties! If you decide to party in the south…it costs quite a lot, but if you should opt for a more economical experience, visit the north! You hardly pay anything for food and drinks, there are not really any entry fees and the water doesn’t cost 8 euros a small bottle (in the clubs in the south, yes).

    Hitchhike….and sleep outside in a hidden place – it is worth the experience!

    So, I hope this way I could also tell Hanne a bit more about our experiences there and we hope to see you soon!!!!!

    Katalin & Christian

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