Spend the night with… Armani!

Yes, you read this right, you can stay  in 2 hotels created and owned by Giorgio Armani!

One in Milan, the “bakermat” of Giorgio Armani and the other hotel is where all the expectations are surpassed, Dubai.


The one in Dubai is located in “Burj Khalifa”, the highest building of the world where you will have breathtaking views over the city. The hotel has its own entrance and owns aproximately 11 floors. (it is even possible to have a residence is the Armani part of the Burj Khalifa). Just to give you an idea that this skyscraper counts 160 floors. On the 143st floor is the highest club and on the 158st floors, the highest mosque of the world. Halleluija! 😉




The hotel in Milan is situated in the center of the city, in the upscale neighborhood “Quadrilatero della Moda”. This hotel is younger and smaller than the one in Dubai and is located in a historical building, especially renovated with the comfort that a urban traveler needs.




As Milan is a major city and Dubai a resort destination, both hotels offer different packages to attract different type of travellers. For example Dubai the packages are specialised for relaxing romantic trips in the surroundings of sea and sand, as also for honeymoons. While Milan is specialised in “feel the fashionable energy of the city”!

Milan has a cultural past, for ages it is the heart of the Italian fashion industry. Not only for fashion and design, the city counts also a lively business area. Dubai is absolutely built with the idea “a place where everything is possible”, unlimited ideas.. Just invent something crazy and you can find it in Dubai. Dubai is also a perfect stopover  to enjoy the city and the beaches, when you’re travelling further to Thailand or Asia.

We’re not going to discuss the different facilities of both hotels. Feel free to have a look on the official websites.

Armani Hotels Dubai

Armani Hotels Milan

This is the result…When a designer has a dream to create “a place like home when you’re travelling around the world”. We’re already convinced for a sleep over @ Armani’s 😉 😀

PS: We are almost sure that there is also another reason why Armani choose those 2 destinations: Milan is host city for Expo 2015 and Dubai will it be in 2020… But this is for another post by ExploreVoyage.com


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