On your bucketlist for 2015.. “El Caminito del Rey”

For people that love hiking, climbing, nature, breathtaking views,…

“El Caminito del Rey” is known as one of the most dangerous caminito-del-rey-1200x1200footpaths of the world. Unfortunately for this reason, they closed it for renovations, but during the holy week this year,  they will reopen it for everybody (so it’s not only anymore for professional climbers or adrenaline seeker peeps).

El Caminito del Rey means ‘Path of the King’ as King Alfonse XIII traversed the path in 1921. Initially it was built between 1901 – 1905 to transport material between the 2 rocks of the gorge.

Some practical information:

El Camito del Rey is in the surrondings of Malaga, nowadays it is a path of 6,6km at 100 m height around the El Chorro gorge. For tickets you have to make a reservation on the official website.  The first six months are free of charge, afterwards it will be 6€ per person. Be aware as there is a maximum capacity, we advise you to make the reservations as quick as possible.You can only make reservations 2 months in advance.

This is really hot news in Spain and also Lonely Planet named it in ” the world’s hottest things to do in 2015″.

Below a picture before renovation and 3 pictures together after restoration. As it is named like the most dangerous path of the world, we can say that the team that renovated, have “one of the most dangerous job in the world”.         As you can see the paths are very accessible, which will result in “mass tourism”, but on the other hand a larger group of people can enjoy the breathtaking views.









Tourist attraction or not, we have a new item for our bucketlist 😀                                                                                                         PS: maybe not so a good idea for people that has vertigo 😉

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