Muchachos in La Palma

No, we are not going to discuss the boys in La Palma (although that could also be a good idea 😉 ).

Roque de los MuchaIMG_0520[1]chos is the highest point of La Palma, one of the 7 canary islands on 2423 metres above sealevel. How high is that? Well, is you are a bit afraid of heights, this is very high! 🙂

The brave people will hike their way up to the top from Tazacorte (a village next to the sea – sealevel) and will encouter many amazing views during this 10-11 hour hike. Lazyer hikers can choose to go on a hiking trip with a bus that takes them up to Roque the los Muchachos, and hike the way down.

IMG_0522[1]Since we didn’t have that much time (we really have to go back to do all the hiking!), we drove up to Roque de los Muchachos and just enjoyed the amazing views on the top.
If you do this, we can advise you to drive up coming from Santa Cruz de La Palma and take the same way down. The way up coming from El Time is just a little more challenging. We can confirm that the “peligroso – dangerous” sign is there for a reason! 🙂

Driving next to the clouds

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