Las Salinas – delicious salt

When in La Palma (one of the Canary Islands), you definitely have to go to visit Las Salinas in the South of the island.IMG_0694[1]

Ruta de los Volcanes

If you love hiking, there is an amazing hiking trip that is part of the Ruta de los Volcanes and goes through a black rocky landscape.
You can start this hiking trip at El Pilar in the mountains of La Palma and hik all the way down till Las Salinas. When doing this route, you will pass several volcanoes and craters with amazing views. Afterwards, you will pass a little village named Fuencaliente, which is also a very interesting starting point for a shorter hike to Las Salinas.


For whoever doesn’t have the time to enjoy a nice hike, you can also go to the Salinas by car. This is an easy accessible road with lots of spots where you can park the car to take a great landscape photo.

Until today, Las Salinas in La Palma are still active and lots of delicious salt is still produced daily.Las Salinas

We can advise you to have a rest at El Jardín de la Sal, next to the 2 faros (lighthouses) and enjoy a themed dish with local products or just try out the different kinds of salt (certainly try the wine-salt!) with some homemade bread.
Since there is only one restaurant in this area and the views are fabulous, you would think the food is very pricey, certainly when you see and taste the freshly prepared dishes. We were however pleasantly surprised to only see the 20 euro bill for our late afternoon lunch with dessert.



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