Killer Whales in Norway

A bit more than a year ago I wrote about swimming with Orcas in Norway (click here to read the blog).

Meanwhile, many things have happened and I ended up changing jobs and living in Norway (how life can change, I know!).

So after getting settled in Norway, I started thinking about my bucket lists and things I wanted to do here. The swimming with Killer Whales immediately crosses my mind.
I did some more research and started looking forward to winter (the period the Orcas arrive in Norway).

Now think about this: After moving to Norway (and being used to living in Gran Canaria), I suddenly realised how cold it can actually be in winter. So the fact that I would have to travel to the North of Norway (I am living in the South of Norway), where it is even colder AND have to go into the ice-cold water to swim with the Orcas suddenly just felt freeeeezing cold.

Nevertheless, I was determined that I had to go and see the Killer Whales in their natural habitat. The last time I saw a Killer Whale was in Loro Parque in Tenerife and what I saw there didn’t really make me happy…

So we booked our flight to Tromsø (a really lovely small city!) and together with that a Whale Safari with Arctic Adventure Tours. Friends of us had done this safari a couple of week before us and came back with amazing videos and stories, so that it was quite easy for us to decide to go on the same trip.

Arctic Adventure Tours takes you on a tour in a rib boat with a maximum of 12 people per boat, which makes the experience even better, since you really have the feeling to be in the water together with the Orcas.

On the day itself I was really excited (even though it was really dark and cold) and couldn’t wait to get on the rib boat.
As soon as we arrived, we received Arctic Suits (thank you!), boots, hats and anything else you might need to keep warm during the 4-5 hour trip on the water.

Arcitc Adventure Tours


The moment we got on the boat, our driver told us to start watching out for Killer Whales, since there were so many in the fjord that the chance might be big to already see them very soon. And he definitely didn’t lie.
After not even 5 minutes, we already saw the first Killer Whale, followed by a group of Humpback Whales.

Orca Tromsø

Seeing your first Orca in their natural habitat is truly amazing! It suddenly makes you feel so little… Another thought that immediately crossed my mind was “how can anyone ever come to the idea to put these huge and gracious animals in a fish tank??”. More and more I am starting to realise what captivity does to Orcas and I can only hope that the documentary Blackfish (and all of us together) will create a change for the future.

Killer Whale Orca tromsø norway norge

The rest of our journey was as unique as the first encounter.
We raced together with some Orcas, followed groups of Humpback Whales along the fjord, saw baby Orcas playing and learning how to catch fish, had the opportunity to see a Humpback Whales jump out of the water, …

At a certain moment the boat stops and you get a delicious cake and hot chocolate, which is very welcome at that time, since even thought you are wearing all those clothes, still you are freezing 😉
While our rib boat was floating on the water, it was just wonderful to see all those Killer Whales around you. We had some Killer Whales playing around the boat, while others were just passing by. Just like some humans are curious, you could clearly see that some of these Killer Whales were curious and trying to get our attention.

The video below is not really good quality (why oh why did I not have a good camera yet?), but just wait, and enjoy 🙂


All in all, I think we can surely say that we had an amazing experience in Tromsø and even though I didn’t get to swim with the Killer Whales (yet 😉 ), I think I can say I had another once in a lifetime experience! 🙂

Arctic Adventures offers their Safari from the 1st of November till the 17th of January and the price is 1200NOK per person. This might not cheap, but it is definitely worth it!




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