My backpack mistakes

The first time I decided to go backpacking, I went to a travelshop and started looking at the huge amount of backpacks presented there. I didn’t have a clue where to start…

The salesguy advised me to buy a 30 liter backpack and wear the same T-shirt for months.
I can already tell you that at that moment I even started doubting about the fact if I really wanted to go backpacking 😉
After consulting with some friends and family, I decided to take one of the old backpacks we still had at home, so that I could take all my favourite clothes with me (oh yes, I know, girls…).

Taking lots of clothes in your backpack, means that you have to do an effort fitting everything in. For this, there is only 1 answer –> roll your clothes!! This is like a magic trick that will make you able to take double the amount of clothes with you (especially if you are a horrible packer like me).
Spend some money on an extra thin towel, that you can nowadays buy in every travel and sports shop, and you will have saved another couple of liters.

Put all the heavy things right where the backpack touches your back and this will safe you lots of pain when doing longer walks. The bottom part is a great place to put your sleeping bag or your temporary dirty clothes.


What did I learn after 2 months of travelling with my backpack?
– You don’t need that many clothes!! :p It was quite hard to admit it at first, but I ended up throwing away lots of clothes, to have less weight. You are carrying that packpack with you all the time and your back muscles will thank you for that 🙂
– You need a waterproof backpack (or if you don’t want to invest in that, buy at least on of those backpack covers)! I guess my old backpack used to be waterproof one day, but I learnt on the way that it wasn’t 🙁 When I took a short flight in China and my backpack came back full of soy sauce on it, it took me days to get rid of the smell on my clothes…
– You need to invest in a really good backpack that fits your body! Oh yes, my old backpack might have seemed like a good solution, but again, your back will thank you for investing a bit more money in it.

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