Disconnecting from the world @ Güigüí

guiguiSometimes we all need to disconnect for a while…

Being away from the crowds, the cities, the internet, our phones (help!) and our blog (oh no!) seemed quite scary at first, but after 5 days of disconnecting, I didn’t think for a second about checking my Facebook or Instagram page. It was freeing and oh, so relaxing!
Does that mean that I would prefer living like that? No, not at all, but disconnecting like that is just something we all should do from time to time. It will make us appreciate things more…

A perfect place to disconnect is Playa de Güigüí in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain).

This beach is completely isolated and only reachable on foot or by boat.

If you would like to go there on foot, you will need some good hiking shoes, sun cream and lots of water for the way there.

There are actually 2 ways to reach Güigüí on foot. One is starting from La Aldea and the other one starts from Tasartico. The most popular way is to start the hike in Tasartico, walk all the way up to the mountain and then hike down again, where you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing non-touristic beaches in Gran Canaria. On the way you will also be able to enjoy some amazing sceneries that will take your breath away. Roughly calculate 3 hours for this hike, depending on how fit you are, how often you want to sit to enjoy the view and of course, how hot it is. The other hike, from La Aldea, is a much longer and more difficult hike, more for the trained hikers among us 😉

guigui boat

Of course the easiest way to get there, is to take the boat from the harbor of La Aldea (like we did this time). The boat-ride will take about 20 minutes and during the ride you will be seeing the rough west-coast of Gran Canaria from the water.
You will see some hidden gems, small caves, clear blue water and mini beaches. But best of all, you get to take more food, drinks and camping equipment for if you are staying a bit longer (you can find our packing list below) .
If you go by boat, it might be better to pre-arrange a captain. Otherwise you will probably find someone in the harbor who is willing to drive you there. Count around 25-35 Euros per person for the ride there and back (coming back whenever you want).
Make sure you put your backpacks in a waterproof bag, because the boat won’t be able to reach the shore and the waves might make it hard for you to get your luggage safely to the beach (an inflatable boat might already make it a bit easier).


If you come from La Aldea you will first see Playa de Güigüí Chico and one further you have the “real” Playa de Güigüí (Grande). Once you are on shore, you will have to wait for low tide to go from one beach to the other. This should definitely be taken into account when having to go back to Tasartico walking (only possibly from Playa de Güigüí Grande).

guigui chico

Playa de Güigüí Chico is however the beach with the nicest surroundings. Furthermore you will also find some nice caves to sleep and prepared fireplace and “camping” areas, which will make your stay more comfortable.

And if you would like to go exploring, there is the little barranco behind the beach where you will be able to climb, follow the water stream and jump into some natural pools.

Since during the day the sun will hit the beach all the time, it is better to bring an umbrella or to try to make a construction with sheets with the already existing caves and rocks.
This together with lots of sun cream of course 😉



As soon as you arrive at the beach, you might already find some people camping there or you might even be on your own (like us on our last days). There will however always be enough space for everyone 🙂




We also took IMG_1663our fishing gear, but unfortunately didn’t catch any fish (or maybe we just need to improve our fishing skills? 😉 ). Plenty of crabs and mussels (lapas) though. They were a bit sandy (like everything after a couple of days) but more than delicious!


And in the evening, you will be able to watch the most amazing sunset ever! The sun goes down behind Tenerife and every night you will get another light show with the most amazing colors!

IMG_1791 IMG_1673

To sleep, you actually just need a sleeping bag, since it will be warm enough to sleep outside (maybe not in dec-jan-feb). It can however be nice to sleep in a tent at night, just to keep the mosquitoes away. But then you will have to miss the beautiful sky… When we were there, we could enjoy the brightness of the full moon, but I believe it must also be very nice with less moon and more bright stars, since there is no luminic pollution at all.
Keep however into account that actually it is forbidden to camp there, however, nobody will come and tell you to leave and the locals living nearby will even be very helpful if you are suddenly in need of something.

IMG_1595 IMG_1592









During the day you will be sunbathing, playing ball games on the beach, looking for crabs, trying to fish ;-), swimming, snorkling, hiking, climbing, … and the days will fly!
You will feel connected to the nature and you will be able to even feel the energy coming from the water, the wind and the sun.

It revitalizes you and makes you realize that we cannot forget to relax and enjoy our planet… 🙂
(with a special thank you to a dear friend who invited us to join this wonderful trip)


guigui sunsetOur packing list:

  • swimming clothes
  • towel
  • comfortable day clothes
  • hiking shoes
  • flip flops
  • snorkling & fishing gear
  • water sandals (rocky parts of the beach)
  • games (tennis rackets, frisbee, card games)
  • warmer evening clothes
  • scarf (it can get very windy in the evenings, but you can also use it as sun protection or to make shade)
  • sun cream (SPF 25 &50)
  • after-sun
  • shampoo (can feel very good when having long hair), soap, toothpaste
  • sleeping pad
  • sleeping bag
  • headlight
  • candles
  • lighter (or however you like to start your fire)
  • lots of water (there is stream of fresh water coming from the mountains to refresh yourself – only when it rained enough)
  • food (rice, tuna, potatoes, fruit, nuts, cookies, etc)
  • salt, pepper, garlic and onions
  • carbon (it is not easy to find good firewood on the beach)
  • good knife
  • cooking pots
  • plastic cups, plates and cutlery
  • big garbage bags (we all want to enjoy a clean beach)
  • since we did not manage to fish anything, it was very nice that the neighbours left us their food (and water) when they left

Things that we should have taken:

  • mosquito spray
  • after-bite cream (mosquitoes and sandflies)
  • air mattress (we also saw some people bringing their luggage on air mattresses)
  • first aid kit (when trying to be a hero I often end up with my knees on the rocks)
  • umbrella or blankets against the sun
  • a hat (with the sun on top of your head, this is not a luxury)

Be friendly and also leave your water (and dry food) behind for your neighbours or whoever might come after you. If you are alone on the beach, it might be better to leave it all well sealed in a cave, together with a note that also mentions the date you left the food.



Do you have any questions regarding this trip? Then please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to info@explorevoyage.com .

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