Camping in style – Glamping gear

Camping and backpacking are more popular than ever and many people are taking their first steps in this direction.
However, not everyone seems to be as comfortable with the traditional camping gear…

A really nice consequence is that many brands start producing camping gear that we should actually call Glamping gear.
And I must say that I am a fan! 🙂

The traditional camping clothes and gear in the ever-present green/brown colours now make space for trendy camping stuff with nice designs.
Ok, the real hardcore backpacker will for sure stick to his well-known quality gear, but for me these little details can make the difference.

Some examples that ended up on my wishlist:

  • What do you think about this original tent? Check out this website and find many more cute and cool ideas. Little detail: you can even personalize your tent!

  • Even The North Face is following with very trendy backpacks in fashionable colours. And do you for example still remember our solar backpack as well?

  • Don’t you like the one-coloured sleeping bags? Then what do you think of this one? Here you can even find matching cups and plates for if you really want to overdo it a bit 😉

  •  And for those of you who don’t like plastic cutlery, we now have the bamboo travel set that you can buy here. Don’t forget to also check out the bamboo straws! 😀 Completely ECO!

  • Or what about this blanket for the colder nights and evenings around the fireplace? Check out different colours here!

  • Show off your camping skills and make fire with this pink scout fire steel. Check out this website for more cute Glamping gear!


So who would like to go camping now after seeing my Glamping gear wishlist?? 😉
I definitely do!


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